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Yarb Apothecary

Yarb Apothecary Three Flowers Face Mist

Yarb Apothecary Three Flowers Face Mist

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Hydrating. Cleansing. Toning.

Three Flowers face mist is a mildly floral hydrosol blend which balances, tones & hydrates the skin. The essence of the plant is captured through the alchemical process of distillation using a copper alembic still. The hydrosols are made with fresh organic or ethically wild harvested plants. This blend is truly precious and a labor of love. Each step of the process is slow and cared for deeply. Gentle on skin types.

How to Use?

After cleansing, spritz onto the face then apply moisturizer while the face is still damp. Pairs well with Sun Keeper Face Serum. An inseparable duo!

Sourcing: Yarb Apothecary works with small scale organic farms, ethically wildcraft, and grow our own fresh herbs for the distillations. The wild yarrow is handpicked on our family farm and distilled onsite. We have been tending to the same patch for seven years and have witnessed its abundance increase over time. The chamomile and calendula are grown from seed and either harvested by us on our own farm or shipped fresh overnight from farmers to have the highest quality distillations.

Ingredients: Organic Chamomile Hydrosol. Organic Calendula Hydrosol. Wild Yarrow Hydrosol.

2 oz

Meet the Maker

Yarb is a dialectal form of the word ‘herb’ used by Ozark Hill Folk. We are sisters who grew up roaming the Ozarks and now have an apothecary in Fayetteville, AR. We craft land-inspired & place-based herbal medicines using both clinical and folk methods. We are committed to rebuilding our relationship to the land through supporting small organic herb farmers, upholding ethical wildcrafting practices and growing herbs using regenerative farm practices. We craft an array of herbal products including : skincare, tinctures, herbal tea blends, seasonal offerings and more. Each herbal offering is made with intentionally sourced ingredients for the highest quality and potency. The utmost care is put into each bottle by folks who genuinely care to inspire personal and ecological intimacy.

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