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We'moon 2024 Spiral Edition: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn

We'moon 2024 Spiral Edition: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn



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Whether you are new to astrology or a fluent astrologer, this lunar planner has in-depth articles, helpful tips for beginners, and wonderful art and writing to inspire you on your daily journey. 

Each year We'Moon weaves threads of intention into this wonderful moon calendar. Each edition has a theme, and currently, our themes are based on one of the eight moon phase cycles. We’Moon 2024: Luminations invokes the Waxing Half Moon: She dwells in the creative balance of equal Shadow and Light, and takes us along the mysterious edge where obstacles meet invention, and visions spark magic. This datebook is a stunning weave of art and writing from women offering radiant wisdom, passionate earth-devotion, love miracles, and inventive joy.

About the Author

We'Moon is dedicated to amplifying images and writing from women with diverse perspectives and is committed to minority inclusion. We seek to hold welcoming, celebratory space for all women, and are eager to publish more works depicting Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, Latine, and all voices from the margins, created by women who share those lived experiences.

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