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Yarb Apothecary

Soft Power

Soft Power

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Daily Mood & Anxiety Support

Soft Power is a calming formula to settle the mind, body & heart. We call it our BFF and hardly go anywhere without it. This herbal formula can be taken situationally in moments of anxiety and overwhelm or preventatively to ease the nerves. It has a very pleasant taste for an alcohol based tincture. Try adding a dropperful to a glass of water. The primary herb in the formula is tulsi which is known for its positive effect on our daily mood and its adaptogenic properties. This formula is also a great ally in times of personal growth.

How to Use?

Preventive: 1 - 2 dropperfuls; 1 - 2 times a day

Situationally: 2-5 dropperfuls in moments of anxiety or overwhelm

Dilute in a small amount of water or add a dropperful to flavor a glass of water. It delicious!

Sourcing : Organically grown Tulsi from our garden, Organic Wood Betony from Golden Hour Farms in Michigan & the Wild Rose which was ethically wild harvested deep in the hills of the Ozarks

Ingredients : Organically Grown Tulsi. Organically Grown Wood Betony. Ethically Wildcrafted Wild Rose. Organic Grape Alcohol.

**All tinctures are made with fresh plant material

2 oz

Meet the Maker

Yarb is a dialectal form of the word ‘herb’ used by Ozark Hill Folk. We are sisters who grew up roaming the Ozarks and now have an apothecary in Fayetteville, AR. We craft land-inspired & place-based herbal medicines using both clinical and folk methods. We are committed to rebuilding our relationship to the land through supporting small organic herb farmers, upholding ethical wildcrafting practices and growing herbs using regenerative farm practices. We craft an array of herbal products including : skincare, tinctures, herbal tea blends, seasonal offerings and more. Each herbal offering is made with intentionally sourced ingredients for the highest quality and potency. The utmost care is put into each bottle by folks who genuinely care to inspire personal and ecological intimacy.

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