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B.B. Sheep

Pure Cashmere Classic Finger Gloves: Light Brown

Pure Cashmere Classic Finger Gloves: Light Brown

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B.B Sheep Classic Fingered Gloves are the perfect blend of sustainability, style, and functionality, making them a must-have accessory for the winter season.
  • 100% Recycled cashmere: Crafted from premium quality recycled cashmere fibers, giving a second life to this luxurious material.
  • One-Size-Fits-Most: Designed to provide a snug yet comfortable fit, our classic fingered gloves come in one versatile size that adapts seamlessly to most hand sizes.
  • One-of-a-Kind: Celebrate individuality with every pair of gloves. The handmade craftsmanship and absence of dyes makes the color on each pair of gloves unique. Though colors may slightly vary from the image, the quality, thickness, and softness are unwavering.
  • Zero Waste Packaging: Each pair is packaged in a separate bag made from recycled materials. This not only aligns with our zero-waste philosophy but also makes these gloves an ideal choice for gifting or packing for your travels!

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