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Bhava Wellness

Monsoon Botanical Hair Oil

Monsoon Botanical Hair Oil

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Our botanical blend is nourishing, light, and super hydrating. Restore your hair and its sacred energy from root to tip. Monsoon oil embodies the practice of hair oiling as a daily, weekly, and monthly ritual. With essential ingredients specifically chosen for long term benefits, this herbal oil was handcrafted to protect, heal and repair damage. Suitable for all hair types and lifestyles.  Here are some of its special powers: strengthens and repairs scalp helps clear dead skin cells
high in vitamin c balances the pH of the scalp purifies the scalp of bacteria high in anti-oxidants strengthens follicles anti-inflammatory and soothes an itchy scalp repairs damage from sun, pollution, free radials protects from heat hydrates the hair shaft to reduce breakage promotes soft, silky, shiny hair
works to prevent hair loss stimulates hair growth strengthens weak hair improves circulation to the scalp
 helps to improve thickness For directions visit our website

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