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Lauren HB Studio

Medium Geo Candlestick Holder

Medium Geo Candlestick Holder

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These candlestick holders offer a modern aesthetic to hold candles and add warmth during the darker hours. A wonderful wedding or housewarming gift, these candlestick holders add beauty and form to any room. The updated design insures a good fit and catches wax drips. Pair with a colorful taper candle for a unique match. As these are handmade, there is slight variation in the hole diameter. Dimensions: Small - 2.25"x2.25"x2.5" Medium - 3.5"x3.5"x3.75" Large - 3.25"x5.75"x5.75" (Measurements are base width x height) Dishwasher Safe These candlestick holders are slip-cast and fired in an electric kiln using handcrafted, non-toxic glazes and fired to Cone 6.

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