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Lulu Lavender and Clary Sage Cream Deodorant

Lulu Lavender and Clary Sage Cream Deodorant

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Lulu Organics cream deodorant is made with all the odor-absorbing ingredients of Lulu’s signature hair powder beautifully blended with herbally-infused oils. Since chemicals are easily absorbed through our skin, especially through the tender underarm area, it’s important to make sure your deodorant contains the safest ingredients possible. This cream deodorant is handmade from organic ingredients that do not contain synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals or aluminum.  2 oz

*organic coconut oil, *organic jojoba oil, *organic shea butter, *organic non-gmo cornstarch, kaolin clay, aluminum-free baking soda, *organic horsetail, *organic rosemary, *organic comfrey, *organic essential oils, vitamin e, non-gmo lecithin / *Certified Organic

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