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Kanthas (over-dyed)

Kanthas (over-dyed)

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Kanthas are hand stitched throws made by women in India from recycled saris. Layers of 3 or 4 pieces of sari fabrics hand stitched together. Each one is unique and has its own character. Some may have sweet little patches or pieced fabrics. Some vintage patches may have fading. This latest style features over-dyed vintage fabrics giving them a beautiful, warm toned, more cohesive look than our original kanthas. They are the perfect travel blanket, couch covering, wall tapestry, fabric yardage, and the list goes on and on. Because each kantha, and even each side, is entirely unique, we do not offer color or style options to choose from. We recommend getting 3+ so we can send you a variety of beautiful colors and designs. If you like perfection and newness these might not be for you. If you love the beauty of items that have a story to tell you will love these. Be sure to check out our other kanthas and kantha scarves. - 42" by 80" (approx. 105 cm by 200 cm) - Wash and dry safe

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