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Faiza Naturals

Jade Tumbled Crystals Bulk

Jade Tumbled Crystals Bulk

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All natural and tumbled Jade crystals (4-5 cm). At Faiza Naturals, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest selection of natural tumbled and polished jade gemstones , all ethically sourced from Brazil to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. Our mission is to share the beauty, history, and metaphysical wonders of jade with the world. Ethical Sourcing: We take great pride in our commitment to ethical sourcing. Our jade is procured from reputable suppliers who adhere to fair trade practices and prioritize the welfare of both the environment and local communities. Wellness Benefits: Promote harmony and balance in one's life. Attract prosperity and abundance. Enhance emotional well-being and calmness. Foster wisdom, courage, and longevity. Protect against negative energies.

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