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Dryland Wilds

Dryland Wilds Desert Perfume Oil

Dryland Wilds Desert Perfume Oil

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Our favorite high desert plants in their purest wearable form. These little oil based roll-ons are a combination of our single plant macerations and distillations, bringing you the essence of sagebrush, piñon resin and greasewood (aka creosote bush). Available in a 5 ml roll-on glass bottle.


Pure Sagebrush Desert Perfume Oil 

What does sagebrush smell like? Big, really big. Like wind or blue sky or the soft sound crow wings make overhead on a hot quiet day. It's a dusty blue-ish smell (sagebrush mesas roll like water in the wind.) Spicy, herbal, old leather - and something so deep it doesn't have an end.

Pure Piñon Resin Desert Perfume Oil

There is nothing like piñon. A dead tree's heart broke open - sweet and deep, the golden sticky life blood that holds summer's heat inside itself. The smell of winter nights - a light kept on - it smells like home.

Pure Greasewood Desert Perfume Oil

If you've been there, you know this. The smell of rain on desert dirt. Pink lightning, hot summer sky, thunder-heads bigger than the mountains. Endless miles of greasewood open their leathery leaves to drink the rain. And the desert breathes out a perfume of petrichor and joy.

All fragrances are natural, botanical perfumes with no synthetic ingredients.

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