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Dryland Wilds

Dryland Wilds Desert Perfume Oil

Dryland Wilds Desert Perfume Oil

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Our favorite high desert plants in their purest wearable form. These little oil based roll-ons are a combination of our single plant macerations and distillations, bringing you the essence of sagebrush, piñon resin and greasewood (aka creosote bush). Available in a 5 ml roll-on glass bottle.


Pure Sagebrush Desert Perfume Oil 

What does sagebrush smell like? Big, really big. Like wind or blue sky or the soft sound crow wings make overhead on a hot quiet day. It's a dusty blue-ish smell (sagebrush mesas roll like water in the wind.) Spicy, herbal, old leather - and something so deep it doesn't have an end.

Pure Piñon Resin Desert Perfume Oil

There is nothing like piñon. A dead tree's heart broke open - sweet and deep, the golden sticky life blood that holds summer's heat inside itself. The smell of winter nights - a light kept on - it smells like home.

Pure Greasewood Desert Perfume Oil

If you've been there, you know this. The smell of rain on desert dirt. Pink lightning, hot summer sky, thunder-heads bigger than the mountains. Endless miles of greasewood open their leathery leaves to drink the rain. And the desert breathes out a perfume of petrichor and joy.

All fragrances are natural, botanical perfumes with no synthetic ingredients.

Meet the Maker

Dryland Wilds make desert perfume from upcycled dryland plants. Our workshop is in Albuquerque on unceded Tiwa land, and we harvest unwanted plants throughout New Mexico and the southwest. Using distillation, enfleurage, maceration, and tincturing we pull fragrance from the plants we harvest, sometimes blending these extracts with other longer lasting botanicals and sometimes offering just our pure extractions that capture the desert’s real scents of place. Much of our fragrance extraction is done out in the desert or mountains at the site our of harvests, allowing us to gather the exact scent of the flower before it wilts.

Handcraft botanical soaps, balms, and oils in small batches with organic oils and our artisanal desert perfumes. We use no synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients ever.

Practice and teach sustainable wildcrafting in the high desert, prioritizing invasive and upcycled common plants for our fragrance harvests. All native plant material that goes into our products is salvaged from sites that are removing them for construction, road maintenance, land management and fire pruning. It's less than romantic but most of our harvests involve us following DOT (dirt) road graders, or being invited to come in and cut before the bulldozers show up. We also work with private landowners, traveling to remote ranches and setting up perfume camp where we remove invasive flowers and enfleurage them. This helps bring ecosystems back into balance by reducing invasive seed set and protecting the watershed from glyphosates. We teach seasonal classes on sustainable wildcrafting - free to Indigenous, Black and QTBIPOC students upon request. For other students with financial support needs, sliding scale and trades for classes are available upon request.

Work towards less waste in our world, using unwanted plants that otherwise go to the burn pile or dump, packaging in compostable paper tubes, glass and metal reusable containers and shipping with eco-alternatives to plastic. Our workshop is now solar powered.

Support social/environmental justice, donating 15% of our limited edition perfume sales each year to racial justice environmental southwestern organizations fighting for equality, liberation and justice for all.

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