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Senise Family Farms

Burdock Root Tincture

Burdock Root Tincture

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1 oz liquid Burdock Tincture in an amber dropper bottle

Burdock has traditionally been used as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, and to support the muscular system, kidneys, liver, joints and skin. Burdock contains the prebiotic Inulin, which promotes proper metabolism, balanced blood sugar and a healthy gut.


burdock root

Meet the Maker

Senise Family Farms is a two-human, two-dog operation in the western corner of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We focus on quality plant-derived products sourced from plants we grow on our small farm and forage from our local area. Our goal is to help provide mindfully crafted small batch herbal products, homegrown seeds and handmade goods to our local and extended communities.

-Rose & Michael Senise

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