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Blue Kyanite Talisman by Spellbound

Blue Kyanite Talisman by Spellbound

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Blue Kyanite has a high vibration and creates very rapid transfers of energy. They are said to open the psychic channels and activate the mind centers, elevating mental capacities and enhancing the ability to download information from higher sources.  Sleeping with blue kyanite can increase lucid dreaming and dream recall.

Meet the Maker

My goal is always to evoke the natural, unparalleled majesty we feel when gazing up at the stars: knowing we are all connected to everything that is.

The drive to work with crystals began as a child and has evolved over time. Taking a leap of faith in 2017, I left a successful career in the corporate world in Manhattan to begin creating full time. My process is highly intuitive and influenced by nature, science fiction, and fantasy. I drive to push boundaries and blur the lines between art and adornment.

I feel deeply connected to every piece I craft, mindfully hand selecting each stone and letting it guide the creation process based on its energy, aesthetic, and inherent wisdom.

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