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Llewellyn's 2024 Moon Sign Datebook: Weekly Planning by the Cycles of the Moon

Llewellyn's 2024 Moon Sign Datebook: Weekly Planning by the Cycles of the Moon



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Designed with a spiral binding and weekly calendar spreads so you can easily write in appointments and notes, this datebook shows you the perfect times to schedule any event or task. Each week, you'll find extensive information about Mercury retrogrades, what sign and phase the Moon is in, and best days for planting and fishing.

This handy datebook includes detailed moon history, illustrations, and lunar-related articles. Learn about eclipses, occultation, the Aztec Goddess of the Moon, growing plants in Moon soil, the upcoming Artemis missions, and more. Every month features at-a-glance information on new and full Moons as well as specific gardening dates. A perfect companion to Llewellyn's bestselling Moon Sign Book, this datebook also features fascinating insights on special kinds of Moons such as Blood Moon, Blue Moon, and Supermoons.

• Spiral-bound
• A perfect companion guide to Llewellyn's bestselling Moon Sign Book with Moon phases and Moon lore
• Features space for writing in appointments, classes, birthdays, and other occasions
• Gives readers the knowledge they need to prepare for career opportunities, outdoor activities like gardening and fishing, and even simple things like getting a haircut
• Features Moon void-of-course data, Mercury retrogrades, and decorative art motifs

About the Author

Llewellyn Publications has grown and expanded into new areas of personal growth and transformation since it began as the Portland School of Astrology in 1901. Along with the strong line of astrology books the company was founded upon, Llewellyn publishes books on everything from alternative health and healing, Wicca and Paganism, to metaphysics and the paranormal-and since 1994 has published a growing list of Spanish-language titles.

Llewellyn has long been know as one of America's leading publishers of New Age books, producing a wide variety of valuable tools for transformation of the mind, body and spirit. Reach for the Moon-and discover that self-help and spiritual growth is what Llewellyn is all about.

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