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Free Your Hair Brush Co

Free Your Hair Floral Hair Brush

Free Your Hair Floral Hair Brush

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Floral Brush Intention: The Floral brush is about building community, the sheer power of showing up in numbers, multi ages and generations, decentralized movement organizing, natural growth and deep root connection. This brush is for tending the soil that we all grow from. 

Floral Brush Mantra: I am connected to and supported by the community I belong to.  I will keep building it one small flower at a time. I will ask for help when I need it and show up when I am called to.


Classically mixed all-vegan bristles are made with nylon on a rubber cushion bed and beech-wood handle. Engravings are hand painted with acrylic paint and brushes are oiled with jojoba oil. Designed for all hair types, including coarse curls and kinks! The FREE YOUR HAIR Brush is for everyone.

*The bristles on our brushes start stiff and soften up beautifully over time, so use gently at first on very sensitive scalps.

Care Instructions

Keep brush in a cool dry place, remove buildup manually from cushion bed, and be sure to keep the wood oiled especially through the warm and cold seasons.

High temperatures may cause brittleness, excessive wearing and bristle loss.

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Make It A Ritual

Free your hair from the damaging, drying cycle of constant sudsing and instead, work in a weekly or bi-weekly brush session to stimlulate your scalp and move natural oil mechanically without stripping the hair of its natural protection and radiance.