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Dryland Wilds

Dryland Wilds Juniper Soliflore Perfume

Dryland Wilds Juniper Soliflore Perfume

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Rolling pink hills dotted with New Mexico's desert cedar, perfume a perfectly blue sky. This small batch extraction captures the citrusy-musk and fresh resinous smell of northern New Mexico's desert juniper.

Our Desert Soliflores are pure single plant extractions from our wild harvests. These wearable mountain perfumes are made from the resin, needles, bark and berries from New Mexico’s most iconic conifers, using a cold extraction process that captures the full range of their scent. Smell the mountains!

All plant material is sustainably harvested by us in the mountains of New Mexico. Either from dead trees (resin) or strategic pruning to decrease “ladder fuel” - low branches that increase forest fires if left intact.

All our fragrances are natural, botanical perfumes with no synthetic ingredients.

Available in a 9 ml bottle with a splash top.

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